Hotels & Resorts


Success in hospitality is determined by the sum of your guests' experiences. With that fact in mind, Precedent Hospitality and Property Management will help you assemble a qualified team, dedicated to the customer service experience, that ensures that your hotel or resort is deeply focused on an unforgettable customer experience.

In addition to maintaining general daily operations, Precedent is equipped to:

  • Provide and manage experienced and knowledgeable Concierge staff
  • Provide and manage reliable housekeeping staff
  • Manage food and beverage control systems
  • Manage procurement and vendor relationships
  • Create national brand awareness through the Worldspan Global Distribution System
  • Implement a customer loyalty system
  • Provide and manage detailed and real-time accounting systems and payroll processing
  • Provide interior design consultation services
  • Implement state-of-the-art access control systems